Thursday, June 7, 2012

Off the rack (addendum)

Because someone asked, here’s a list of a dozen thrillers published or reprinted in the past decade or so – easily-found books – that I enjoyed and recommend.

Not all qualify as ‘off the rack’ – the Dent, the Lange (a Michael Crichton pseudonym), and the Schow are from the small publisher Hard Case Crime (‘bespoke,’ if you will); the Littell brushes up against Quality Lit (without, however, skimping on its duty as a page-turner).

Nearly anything by Abrahams or Perry is a satisfying read; to my mind, Perry is the best thriller writer of my era, so he gets two titles here.

Hopefully, a reader predisposed to the genre will find these books niftier than the latest offerings from the cyborgs that bottleneck the top of the bestseller lists.

Lights Out, Peter Abrahams
Man of the Hour, Peter Blauner
Honey in His Mouth, Lester Dent
The Second Saladin, Stephen Hunter
Black Cross, Greg Iles
Grave Descend, John Lange
Vicious Circle, Robert Littell
The Butcher’s Boy, Thomas Perry
Death Benefits, Thomas Perry
Gun Work, David J. Schow
Missionary Stew, Ross Thomas
For The Dogs, Kevin Wignall

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